What are “Getting Ready” Photos?

As a photographer, my wedding day coverage usually starts with “getting ready” photos. However, when I am chatting with couples and ask if “getting ready” photos are something that is an important part of their day to capture, most of the time they aren’t sure what those photos even entail! So, let’s break it down!

Typically “getting ready” photos cover the beginning part of your wedding day. When you and your partner are getting ready at an Air Bnb or the venue itself. You would not be in your wedding attire when these photos would start. These “getting ready” photos include detail photos, photos of you getting dressed, putting on shoes, and having your closest family and friends there to help. These photos encompass everything leading up to either your first look or wedding ceremony.

Getting Ready Photos on a Wedding Day

Part 1 – The Details

These photos usually don’t need any actual people involved haha and are there to showcase all the little details that come together for your wedding day. Most commonly included in the details are:

  • Shoes
  • Jewelry/Rings
  • Dress/Suit
  • Invitations
  • Letters/Gifts
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Any special family momentos
  • Florals

Photos of these wedding day details are grouped in with the “getting ready” photos for most photographers, including me! 🙂

Getting Ready Photos on a Wedding Day

Part 2 – Candids

The toughest part here, is to pretend I am not even there! Seriously though! The best way for me to capture the day naturally is to embrace everything as it comes and allow you and your wedding party to do your thing! I am there to immerse myself in your wedding day. To be able to tell the story through my eyes, through your eyes, I need to not control everything.

Don’t worry, I am there to provide direction when needed. But just think of me as another member of your wedding party haha 🙂

Part 3 – Time to Get Dressed!

At this point during “getting ready” photos it’s time for you to get dressed because it’s almost wedding time! (And don’t worry not in front of me haha)!

Typically I step into another room while you get mostly dressed, because this allows for more privacy. What I will photograph if possible is the fluffing of the dress, the buttoning of the back, the tying of a tie, putting on your shoes. Think ahead of time who you want to help you with these tasks so they can be present for photos.

Getting Ready Photos on a Wedding Day
Getting Ready Photos on a Wedding Day

Once you are dressed, we are ready to go! “Getting ready photos” are now complete! Whoop whoop! And it’s on to the next part of your wedding day!

Do you have to have “getting ready photos” done for both sides of your wedding party? No, you do not. Do you have to have “getting ready photos” at all? No, you do not. That is 100% your choice! However, my professional recommendation would be to include them. They allow for an outsider like me or anyone who looks at your wedding gallery after the fact to get the whole story of the day. The “getting ready” photos are a perfect starting point in telling your wedding day love story.

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