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No one does it like you two

The best thing about my job isn’t being surrounded by beautiful flowers or dresses or dancing or happy people. It isn’t even the cake (but that’s a REALLY good perk).

It’s seeing a different, perfectly imperfect version of love every single weekend.

What you two have going on is unlike anyone else. No one else will laugh with each other the way you do, flirt with one another the way you do, hug one another the way you do. No one will get married the way you do.

The best part of my job is capturing that in a way that feels just so you. I’ll get your best angles and your best selves. At your happiest, at your most playful and at your most loving.

I 'll show ya


> I have lost count how many times I have watched The Office.
> I love plants!  Houseplants and gardening are a new fav hobby of mine!
> I excitedly say 'Puppy' every time I see someone with a dog when I am out and about.
> I am obsessed with our Peloton bike and ride 5-6 days per week.
> My ideal afternoon is sitting on our patio in the sun, with a fresh margarita and our dogs close by.

I have always taken photos, ever since I was old enough to have a camera. Even as a kid, I wanted to remember what made me happy, what brought me the most joy. As I have gotten older, those photos of things may have changed, but the rooted message has stayed the same. I take photos to remember times when I was truly and deeply happy. And those are the memories I want to look back on.

I 've always been this way...

Other things we may have in common...

More often than not, photographs capture happiness, or a time in your life you want to be able to reflect on later. To revisit a memory we fear will be lost forever if we don't have a photo to prove it happened.

Do you take photos when you go on a weekend trip? Visit somewhere you have never been before? Even at home? Have you ever thought about why you were taking that photo? Because you want to be able to say I saw this, I did this, and remember that moment that made you feel enough you had to have proof it happened.

Why do we take photographs?

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