You and your partner have a connection that is unique and special to only you two.  No one else will laugh with each other the way you do, flirt with one another the way you do, hug one another the way you do.  My approach to photography is to be able to capture you and your partner as your best selves. At your happiest, at your most playful and at your most loving.  It may sound silly, but being happy and playful is a big part of who I am and being able to share that with the couples I work with, brings out the best in my client experience.

I believe in happiness and celebrating love.

About Lauren

Experience over Everything

My Approach

Photos provide a gateway to our past and to some of our most precious memories.  What do you and your partner want to remember about this time in your lives?  My goal is to provide all of my couples with an experience that captures you at your happiest selves.

What do you want to be able to look back on?

More often than not, photographs capture happiness, or a time in your life you want to be able to reflect  on later.  To revisit a memory we fear will be lost forever if we don't have a photo to look back on.  Do you take photos when you go on a weekend trip? Visit somewhere you have never been before? Even at home?  Have you ever thought about why you were taking that photo?  My bet is whatever was in the moment or that place brought you happiness and you wanted to be able to look back on it.

Why do we take photographs?

Stop waiting for fun, go looking for it!