November 3, 2020

How you can still get married during COVID!

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Block Island Elopement

Has the COVID pandemic thrown a wrench in your big wedding plans? If so, I can’t imagine what a stressful and upsetting time this has been for you and your partner. I wanted to write this article as this year has shown a lot of us that intimate backyard weddings and elopements can be just as magical if not more so than the big wedding you had planned pre-Covid. You can still get married during a pandemic and still celebrate all the love you have for your partner, just in a more intimate way.

So, what is eloping?

You may or may not have an idea, but eloping doesn’t mean you are running away for a secretive marriage or getting hitched in Vegas! Don’t get me wrong, you certainly can elope in Vegas haha, but the term has developed more meaning than what it used to have.

Simply put, an elopement is an intimate and meaningful experience where the focus of the day is more on you as a couple versus a wedding which focuses more on your guest experience.

Elopement vows cliffside

What would an elopement mean for you?

Take a moment and imagine, if the two of you could throw out all boundaries/limitations and create any day for you to get married, what would it look like? From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, what is it like? What do you see, what do you eat, what do you drink, what do you do?

Whether you are eloping or having a big wedding, both days are equally special and should be treated that way. Elopement coverage for a photographer should be long enough where all of the details, moments and experiences of the day are captured as that is what makes it so special. Check out a sample timeline below of what an elopement day could look like.

Sample Elopement Day Timeline

For this example, I just picked a destination such as Block Island Rhode Island which is a charming little island off the coast that would make a great elopement destination, but also not being too far away!

Sample Elopement Timeline

If the thought of these ideas get you and your partner excited, then maybe thinking about planning an elopement is an idea to explore more!

New Hampshire Hiking Elopement


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